Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Carefree Food Service Film 18" x 2000"

It's too cold to eat outside, so people eat in the Winter Garden.  

This room was designed by the same man who made the Petronas Towers. It was rebuilt and replanted after shockwaves of dust obliterated the towering panes of glass.  

The floors are made of polished marble with a grain so intricate, it recalls the glass slides loaded with specimen cells we marveled at in Biology.

Among the trees in the Winter Garden live a trio of sparrows.  

Each time a crumb drops, the sparrows fall from their perches and glide down toward their morsel, but as they touch down they skate several centimeters in the wrong direction, the floors are so smooth. They then quickly hop six or seven steps to regain their meal, pick quickly and are off again to their next. 

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